Why was my post removed in the Arkansas River Valley Swap & Shop?

Why has my post been deleted?

If you find that your post has been removed from the Arkansas River Valley Swap & Shop (or any group, for that matter), the most obvious reason for this is that you’ve broken one or more rules established for the group. The following list of possible reasons your post (or you) may have been removed from the group is in no way intended to replace your obligation to read our group rules and follow them before posting or commenting in the group. However, we do hope this will quickly answer some of the questions we usually receive whenever someone finds their post has been removed.

Posts/Comments will be removed from the group for the following reasons:

* Too many posts (Before posting to the group, ALWAYS enter your name in the group’s search box to see how many posts you already have.)
* Duplicate posts (Before posting to the group, ALWAYS enter your name in the search box to see whether you may have already posted this item.)
* Unrelated photo to gain attention
* Yardsale or Garagesale (We have a special area for these.)
* Arts & Crafts item or item from business (Flea Market, etc.)
* Hijacking another member’s post
* Negative remarks about another member’s post/item
* Asking for free items (Also, the “Discussion” option should always be used when seeking an item. This option does not have the “price” field, and you will not appear to be asking for handouts when you enter “FREE” in the price field of the “sales” option.)

Members will be removed from the group for the following reasons:
(Note: If you have been removed from the group, but not “banned”, you may request membership again and be re-admitted to the group.)

* By continuing to break our rules, members will be removed from the group, We keep a record of the number of times a post by a member has been removed. A member is normally removed on either the second or third strike.

Members will be immediately banned for the following reasons:
(Note: Once a member is banned, they cannot be readmitted to the group.)

* Spamming the group with a business post. (This includes “independent representatives” of cosmetic, candle, jewelry sales companies and similar.)
* Inappropriate language
* Harassing or attacking other members.
* Posting a defamatory remark (google it, if you don’t know what it is) about ANYONE.
* Posting “Walmart Gift Cards for Free” virus or similar scams. (This is usually happens when a member’s account has been hacked and spreads when other members click on it. We realize that this is usually NOT the fault of the member, but we must remove the account to protect other members.)

(We will continue to add to this list when necessary.)

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